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  1. Entrepreneurship Growth Tract
    Entrepreneurship Growth Tract
    Are you seeking to start a new business or want to expand your business operations. Our growth track consultation services is the driver of your success planning. We offer group sessions and one on one services
  2. Women Issues
    Women Issues
    Our training and workshop discusses the current trends that women face today and how we can overcome the barriers we face to improve our livelihood.
  3. Taking Care of Your Community
    Taking Care of Your Community
    This resource workshop shares ideas and concepts to help everyone in your community live longer through the creation of health equity concepts
  1. The Compositions of Integration and Diversity
    The Compositions of Integration and Diversity
    Popular workshop addressing diversity in the community. This session displays how diversity and integration works cohesively in community housing and redlining communities enables economic growth
  2. Creative Funding Strategies for your Business
    Creative Funding Strategies for your Business
    As a business owner most of the issues women face is funding and meeting the criteria for funding. This workshop introduces funding approaches for your business and how you can prepare yourself for lending relations in our meet the banker sessions
  3. Engaging Conflict Mgmt Strategies
    Engaging Conflict Mgmt Strategies
    Conflict at work , conflict at home, conflict in social life. Are you discovering that you are conflicting in almost every sector in your life? This session opens your eyes on how to deal with conflict and resolving the issues that build stress and isolation.
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