Find the path in life that fits you. It doesn't matter if its not the Norm; thats what makes you so Unique.


As a mother of raising young adults who are currently experiencing life as it alters into adulthood.  I have spent most of my life as a dreamer, fascinated by cultural art, unique designs of buildings of the city and enjoying the likes of learning about people from all walks of life, I would travel outside of the urban community taking long bus rides to just to see the city.  My life has not been the simplest journey, it was a course that involved constant revising and revamping scenarios when things didn’t go as planned. 

I recreated this website because it I want to ehlp others and if I can share just a fraction of my life journey to inspire and build success in other women, I am all in.  I have lways enjoyed writing and providing people with an outlet to satisfy their sense of wanting to improve things in their life and since there is no instructions to life (besides the bible) how better else to learn than to hear from others their paths. 

About 13 years ago, I decided to leave the workforce, not because I wasn’t heard, not because I didn’t have a leadership role, not because I was a job hopper, not because I was at a dead end job (I really liked my company) but because I spent most of my time in the workforce day dreaming about something else to do and always having the feeling that I was missing something.  

As I sat at my desk looking out my office window which gave a wonderful view of the active diversative city, I could not help but to feel empty so I shared with my boss where my thoughts and unlike other bosses he told me to get out of there.  He stated, "If you dont leave now you will always regret it." 

Performance Reviews was right around the corner and instead of waiting to get a few more dollars /bonuses, I took his advice and gave my resignation.  Now the office was shock and thought for sure something was wrong my boss was welcoming, supportive and wished me all the best; advising me to stay connected and I did.  The others thought I was nuts, with my children under the age of 10, it was that notion, "She'll be back!" and I did but as a board advisor, a mentor and volunteer later. 

I was going to have a numinous experience filling my dreams and gain a perspective on things that no one else ever could see so I thought.  However, I learned quickly that new paths need resources and you must be good in Meterology; predicting the weather for unforeseen forecasts; going for shelter when it rains, staying warm when it snows, planting your harvest in the fall and dancing in the summer. 

Whats your story?